Bittersweet 2012

2012 came and went with much fanfare both good and bad. On Memorial Day we lost our first “daughter” Boni. She was as close to a human daughter as a dog can get. She was born in Carmen’s parent’s home 10 years ago and has called Carmen her mom ever since. She’s been to Vegas, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, Raleigh, Napa, San Francisco, Orlando, DC, Alexandria, New York, and of course LA. She’s lived in LA, Detroit, Raleigh, then back to LA. Sadly we had to say goodbye in 2012. Perhaps God was paving the way for what was to come for us in July, again both good and bad.

Halloween 2012
Halloween was tough. Her 4th cycle fell on 10/31. Talk about a trooper, she wanted to take the girls out for a little fun, against my wishes of course. We took the girls to the pumpkin patch in Torrance. We didn’t spend much time there, but enough to get a few good pictures. Ella has been Minnie for the past 2 years and will be until she’s married, with kids. Olivia wanted to be a kitty cat. Both incredibly cute. After some time there, I just wanted to get her home so she could lay down and rest but not before Ella had her chance to show off her Rose Bowl queen wave.

Future Rose Bowl queen

Future Rose Bowl queen

Thanksgiving was a little tough as well. Carmen had just started her 5th cycle that Wednesday so we had to skip my family’s side of festivities. I told her that we should just stay home and rest, but she thought in a few days she would feel better. Well, once again, I was right and she was wrong. Rest isn’t just for the physical body. Rest is also for the mind. Even when you’re sitting down on a couch, if you’re talking and conversing with others, you are not at rest. Needless to say, she paid for it. We’ll just leave it at that.

Christmas was very low key. We didn’t go anywhere or do anything special. Thankfully it was during her “off” week so she had enough strength to participate in family and friend gatherings. We also took advantage of our Disney pass for one last time. I knew it would be too hard for Carmen to walk all day long, so I got her a wheelchair. My sick wife finally came in handy because we got to cut every single line. We must’ve saved hours that day. Just in case people would question a healthy looking woman sitting in a wheelchair, she made sure her PICC line would show, ever so subtly. By the way, she had mastered showering with her PICC line. Since not showering was not an option (not sure why), she made excellent use of plastic wrap. I don’t think it worked because every time she got out of the shower her entire arm was damp. She was fortunate that her immune system was intact throughout all these cycles.

2012 was rough to say the least. But abundantly joyful at the same time.


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