Epiphany… and Legoland

The girls relaxing

The girls relaxing

Someone may need to go on a diet soon.

Someone may need to go on a diet soon.

At Legoland Hotel

June 2013

After the May CT scan results we were a bit down. We felt like we were back to square one and a little lost. We thought we were doing so well and even felt we had turned the corner on this thing. The result made me realize how complacent I got. Our (or mine at least) prayer life waned as Carmen looked and felt so good. I lost sight of who the true healer was. It surely wasn’t me or the doctors.

I sat at home wondering where to go from here. Her oncologist wanted to go back on Oxali or another drug in place of Oxali called Irinotecan. Irinotecan came with its own set of side effects, but because it didn’t have the neuropathy side effect, it was used in the rotation of chemo. In other words, after 7-8 rounds of Oxali, her hands are so bad, they have to discontinue it and replace it with another chemo drug that does not affect her hands. Then after that drug runs its course on her, we would rotate to another drug that had different side effects. Basically playing musical chairs with chemo, forever. There was no end to this because there is no cure for this. The problem with this scenario is of course each time she gets treatment, it weakens her and damages her body. Also, since the large tumor barely moved in size, the remaining cells would become resistant over time, and sooner or later, would make a come back. These cells will then begin to grow unhindered and unaffected by the chemo drugs. Not a pretty picture. So I once again searched for answers.

I came across a book called Outsmart your Cancer by Tanya Pierce on Amazon.com. So I ordered it and read it before we left for Legoland. The book is about Alternative non-toxic treatments for cancer. It lists out numerous treatments and provides case studies for each. Up to this point we would never have considered anything outside of chemo for Carmen. We had always coupled toxicity with effectiveness. If something wasn’t toxic, how could it attack cancer? I did read the Gerson book (juicing and supplements), but didn’t realize there was a whole mountain of other treatments that might be effective against cancer, that were not toxic to the rest of the body. So we discussed each one and began praying. We prayed for wisdom and guidance because were surely didn’t know where to go, and what do choose. Should we go back to chemo or try something else? We prayed and prayed. With each prayer, we felt the impression that we should try something outside of chemo. It was a very big decision, one we didn’t take lightly, but with much fear and humility. The one we ended up choosing is called Protocel. You can look it up for yourselves. Yes, I did read about all the negative things about Protocel, but after weighing it against other evidence, we decided to give it a try. I had heard about Protocel a few months earlier, but completely dismissed it because it wasn’t a toxic drug. The epiphany I guess came when I read about a bunch of stage 4 cancer patients that were cured with Protocel. My question was, could all these people be lying about their cancer and subsequent recovery or were they telling the truth? The former seemed very unlikely because most of them had nothing to gain from doing so. I can see a few attention hungry people doing this, but the vast majority probably wouldn’t. They weren’t selling anything nor wanted anything except to share their stories. So if they were telling the truth, then the conclusion must be that this stuff may actually work.

After I canceled the procedure to implant the port in Carmen (instead of PICC line), I sent her oncologist an email stating our intentions. He of course wasn’t happy. When we went for our regular visit he insisted we change our minds. Carmen stood her ground and remained stoic. Later she tells me she almost fainted from the pressure. I thought she did fine. Again, at this point all options were on the table. We would try this for a bit and if it didn’t work, we could always go back to the standard conventional treatments. However, it just felt like God was moving us toward this. Can’t explain it.

Legoland was a blast. We stayed at the newly built Legoland Hotel. This place is a mecca for kids. I would highly recommend staying there if you have kids.


One thought on “Epiphany… and Legoland

  1. The girls look great in these photos. I love that photo of Audrey. Thanks for sharing your journey through the highs and lows. I continue to pray for God to provide his wisdom and strength.

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