Hawaii here we come!!!

Hawaii here we come!!!


June 2013

After the oncologist told us “now’s a good time to go on a trip”, it was finally time to go on that trip. We had been looking forward to this family vacation for a while now. We had been telling the girls that we were going to Hawaii just to get them revved up for the trip. We planned to go with Carmen’s sister’s family. Their cousins are the same age as ours so this would be a fun trip for all. Carmen was officially on her “break” from chemo so it was the opportune time to try the alternative approach. By the time we got to Hawaii she had been on Protocel for about a week. We were hoping to see some “signs” that Protocel was working. If we saw any, it would be in a few weeks, hopefully.

During the first few weeks there was one notable event that we noticed with Carmen and that is cramping in her belly. She always had cramping throughout this whole ordeal but they were infrequent at best. Aside from the obvious (tumors in her belly) this cramping could be due to any number of things. However, this cramping started to become more frequent. At first it was happening about once every 2 days, then once a day. Then a few times a day. The cramping would last about 30 minutes to about an hour and they seemed to coincide with the timing of Protocel doses. The onset of these cramps happened very closely to when she started on Protocel which made us think that Protocel had something to do with it. We figured at this point a reaction due to Protocel was good news because Protocel is proven to be non-toxic. So the effects (if caused by Protocel) were indirect. Meaning that Protocel wasn’t attacking any particular part of her body like chemo would, but in theory, it was attacking the cancer. Could this be the reason for the increased frequency of the cramps? Are these “good” pains or “bad” pains? It was nearly impossible to tell which type of pain this was. The only thing that we could hang our hopes on was how fast this cramping came following the start of Protocel. We surmised that it must be due to Protocel.

Carmen did well in Hawaii but the pains were certainly noticeable. The girls had a blast as everyone else did. The only person that had a rough time was Audrey. She wasn’t used to seeing large rodent creatures walking around with the rest of the humans. She developed a quick phobia of them.

Audrey terrified of Minnie

Audrey terrified of Minnie

Well our week came and went rather quickly. It was back to reality. Again the only person that was relieved I think was Audrey. She welcomed the idea of leaving this crazy fantasy land.

With security blanket in hand Audrey is finally happy

With security blanket in hand Audrey is finally happy


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