Small Victories

As usual against my wishes we went on an outing to a pumpkin patch.  I have nothing against pumpkin patches, but I do have a problem if they are 50 minutes away when the one in Torrance (decent with a petting zoo) is much closer.  We went to the one in Irvine, Tanaka Farms.  It was nice, but isn’t a pumpkin the same in Irvine as Torrance?  I’ll go out on a limb and venture to say that it’s the same even in Texas or Nevada, or anywhere else they sell pumpkins.  The farm animals at the petting zoos are probably the same as well, smelly, stinky, aggressive, and overall unpleasant.  Why we had to go to Irvine, I don’t know.  But we did.  Actually the longest part of this adventure was just getting out of the house.  It took us over an hour just to get all 4 bodies in the car to leave (must be a female thing), 50  minutes to get there, 45 minutes actually enjoying the place (because we got there so late), then 50 minutes back.  Carmen actually did quite well.   She had enough energy for that brief outing.  The problem comes the following day.  In her weak state it takes literally a few DAYS to recover.

The girls certainly enjoyed the day, which in Carmen’s eyes makes the pain and exhaustion worthwhile.

At this time Carmen is on her first cycle of Xeloda since her 5 month break from chemo.  That definitely added to the fatigue and nausea.  We’re not sure how the Xeloda is affecting the cancer right now.  Due to her weakened state it seems it’s not really doing much to halt the progression.  However, it’s still early to make any kind of determination either way.  So for now, it’s a waiting game.  I’m having my doubts with Protocel as well.  At 4 ½ months (if it was working) we should be seeing some good results.  The fact that we’re not makes me wonder if it’s not working.  Can we afford to stay on this for another few months?  Debating, but seems unlikely.


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