ER – Round 2

The days following the first ER visit were not any better than before.  Her pain and nausea were a constant thorn on her side.  She wasn’t really able to eat much or drink either causing her weakness to intensify.  With all the IV fluids that she received during the brief hospital stay, her ascites got much worse.  I had scheduled a paracentesis for the following Thursday (because that was the earliest they could schedule her in), but seeing her swollen belly, I didn’t think she would be able to wait even the weekend.  So after conferring with Gene and Brian, the safest thing to do was to get her in through the ER so they could watch her, stabilize her, and admit her so she could get treated.  Hence, another trip to the ER in 2 weeks.

Brian once again made sure Carmen was expedited through the process because her condition demanded fast action.  We also needed to address her nutritional state.  Since she wasn’t able to eat, it only made sense to hook her up to a TPN bag to provide temporary sustenance through an IV.  TPN is basically a backup system in case a patient isn’t able to eat for a long period of time.  Carmen was obviously a candidate for this.  So they inserted a PICC line again.  This time it would be to provide much needed nutrition, not chemo.  They also tapped her belly to pull out fluids that were trapped due to a combination of low protein levels and cancerous implants, both of which cause ascites.  They pulled out a little over 2 liters of fluid.  Outfitted with a picc line so we can administer TPN at home gave us a somewhat renewed sense of hope.  It was just a matter of time I was hoping that she would snap out of this spell of nausea and pain and begin to eat again.

That was not to be.

We administered TPN at home for about 1 ½ weeks.  Her only other intake by mouth was vitamin water and regular water.  Not much food was going in.  She was also having a hard time going to the bathroom due to, what we thought, was severe constipation.  At the same time, since she wasn’t able to drink much, she wasn’t able to take any decent amount of laxatives.  Her condition was deteriorating with each passing day.  Needless to say it was very difficult to watch her decline like this.  I so desperately wanted my old Carmen back.



8 thoughts on “ER – Round 2

  1. My heart breaks to hear what Carmen is going thru also for you m family my continued prayers and thoughts also if u need help in any way I can be there.Love Stella. Marissa Ohs momSent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

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    jchang34 posted: “The days following the first ER visit were not any better than before.  Her pain and nausea were a constant thorn on her side.  She wasn’t really able to eat much or drink either causing her weakness to intensify.  With all the IV fluids that she received”

  2. Thanks for sharing… Been so
    curious what’s going on but unsure if texting is too annoying/inconvient to you both. Been praying for Carmen and as well as you Jack, daily and as a church. God is on our side~ He will conquer!

  3. Carmen, we are continuing to pray for you to have pain management, appropriate meds, rest, and peace, as you are surrounded by family and close freinds. Jack, we are continuing to pray for you to have hope, trust, peace, and knowledge as you continue to do everything humanly possible to help Carmen remain focused and determined . We also pray that your daughters will continue to be blessed by your strength, determination, and inspiration. Carmen and Jack, we miss you guys and will continue to be your cheerleaders on the east coast. There are a lot of us now and we can be loud when necessary;)

  4. Carmen & Jack — Thx for your updates in what must be the most difficult of times for you both. Your incredible dedication to Carmen is apparent, and when I think of the short time I got to know her over a year ago, it’s understandable. While she was pregnant, we volunteered at our kids’ school together. I immediately felt her shining spirit and undeniable effervescence. Since her diagnosis, I have kept up with your blog, and constantly think back to that time we sat & chit-chatted while sorting, cutting, & pasting 20 heads, 40 arms, 40 eyes, 20 legs … & then cutting some more! I despise drone work so it was her bright smile & laughing with her that got me through our work shifts. I miss those moments and look forward to again working with her. It’s amazing to me how people can touch us so — even when it’s a momentary crossing of random paths. Please let Carmen know that I am sending her and your family all my loving, wholesome, and positive energy and thoughts. I’ll save her a seat across from me at the work table … & may even leave some cutting for her to do! 😉
    Melissa (T’s mom)

  5. Jack and Carmen I continue to pray for you. I’ve been following your blog ever since my mom was diagnosed and I started researching the same type of cancer that Carmen has. Unfortunately, she’s in a very similar state as Carmen and can’t keep any food down. Jack, continue to stay strong for Carmen and for your family. This is a tough journey, and it’s all in God’s hands. My prayers go out to both of you and your family.

  6. Jack, everyday I think of your family. My heart aches for you all. Hold on to your children, and find strength in their smiles, hold on to the beauty of the life you and Carmen created in them and for them, just hold on Jack.

  7. I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. I think of you and Carmen having to deal with this dreadful illness, and wish you strength and love.

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