Ella’s Magical Jukebox


In golf, a hole in one didn’t “really” happen unless there’s a witness that can attest to its occurrence.  Well, I have a witness in Han that this story really did happen exactly the way I’m describing it here…


Carmen and I were lying in bed one night.  I was massaging her feet and legs as I did every night for the past many weeks, when Ella gingerly walks in to our room singing.  For those that don’t know Ella, she is pretty eccentric even at this early age.  She is excellent at doing jig saw puzzles, is very meticulous and detail oriented, and very anal about many things.  Her OCD is developing nicely and probably at the same pace as her mom’s OCD when she was Ella’s age (I digress).  She also has this thing about singing and having songs playing in her head.  She is always singing or humming something.  Carmen and I joke saying Ella has a jukebox in her head.  On that particular night, Ella walks in singing a song that she made up.  It had 2 lines that she kept repeating.  The song was “Mami’s gonna feel better in 10 days.  Mami’s gonna heal”.  I usually don’t pay attention to her songs because many times it’s just humming or some other unintelligible words that obviously make sense in her head.  This one however, immediately caught my attention.  Maybe because of its specificity, or maybe the words came out very clearly.  Either way, I lay there thinking to myself, “no, it can’t be…Could God really be talking through my children?”  But, I said, why not.  So I marked that day, 11/13 Wednesday, and added 10 days to it.  11/23 would be the day that Ella’s song predicted Mami would feel better.

I began to wonder about this.  Was she gradually going to get better?  Or would it be a step up improvement?  To contain myself, I kept a very light touch on it.  Did I really believe her song?  A very small percentage of me was hoping to believe, if that makes any sense.  So no, I probably didn’t, but I left it in the back of my mind, just in case.  The next day, Thursday was no better.  Friday was slightly worse than Thursday.  Saturday was an awful day.  We got official bad news about her condition, which by definition made things “official”.  Our families came over as they consoled us.  Sunday was no different.  This part of the story now begins to overlap with the ER-Round 3 post. Sunday night is when Rosana sleeps over and Carmen has the seizure early the next morning rushing her to the ER for the 3rd time.  By this point, way deep in the back of my mind I thought to myself, how in the world is she going to feel better by 11/23?

Day 7 of Ella’s countdown looked bleak.  She wasn’t able to relieve her constipation and was in much pain and discomfort.  That night I had a conversation with Han.  I thought to myself, why not, I’ll tell him the story of Ella’s song.  I’ll amuse myself.  So I told him. Upon hearing my story, I think he believed it immediately, well at least more than me.  So we sat and hoped for the best for Carmen.

It was that same day or the next that he began to tell me something about a date mistake/typo I made on a mass email I had sent out, and that the date was for that coming Friday, 11/22/13.  I couldn’t recall sending out any emails lately, so we were both scratching our heads.  I then realized he was referring to the prior email updates I had put up in the blog.  I had put 3 of them and dated all of them. The 3rd one had a wrong date.  Instead of 11/22/12, I mistakenly put 11/22/13.  Only the meticulous, detail oriented and nitpicky Han would’ve been able to pick that one out.  I believe there was a reason I told him of Ella’s song, because in the 3rd email that had the wrong date, I mention Ella having her 4th birthday which happens to fall on 10/10.  The date (typo) of the email was to be 2 days away from my conversation with Han, which happened to be the date of the crucial surgery that would finally give Carmen the much needed relief.  The impression I got when I re-read that email was “Ella” and the number “10”, which made me think back to Ella’s song where she mentions 10 days.  I felt it was reaffirmation of Ella’s song.

Han had no doubt that by day 10 Carmen would feel better no matter how the colonoscopy would turn out (it failed).  So on day 9 (11/22/13), Carmen had her surgery.  After the surgery she was in lots of pain, but the majority of that pain was from surgery and not the constant pressure that had been building in her bowels.  By that evening, she was up on her bed, eating and chatting away with her friends that had visited.  The next day, Day 10, she was feeling much better!

So now I hold a sliver of hope that the 2nd line of her song will also come true.  I figured, if the first line, as improbable as it seemed from day 1 to day 9 (with each day getting progressively worse than the prior day) came true, why not the 2nd line?


4 thoughts on “Ella’s Magical Jukebox

  1. Jack some may read this post and feel you are reaching for any thing to hold on to. But I believe that children are closer to God, they have less “life” in the way, no reason not to believe, so they “hear” the word that we miss. As adults it is hard to know the make believe from the messages, maybe that is why this message came through Ell’s song so clear, and timed when you could “hear” it! Hold every thread of hope, they give you strength, no matter how simple the message. I pray for the second line of the song to have the meaning we look for. Thank-you Ella for singing your song!

  2. Jack, although it was a brief lunch, it was good to see you last Friday to hear you tell this beautiful story. Mimi and our hearts wrench as we read through your blogs of hope and love. We pray that our loving Father will cover you, Carmen, Olivia, Ella, Audrey, and your families through this most trying time. I pray for your desires Jack, that a miracle only God can provide will be answered in His due time. I want to see Carmen back at full strength as well! I love you bro…..

  3. It’s Xmas Eve here. And I think of you daily. What do I wish you? ……Strength and courage…..and peace. With great love. Gill xx

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