Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s Day is always hard but the girls have adjusted as best as they could so far. 

Audrey especially has grown fast. Can’t believe she’s gonna be 4 this July. Oliva will be 10 in July and Ella 8 in October. 



4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2016

  1. Oh Jack! What a surprise to see these beautiful faces on my computer today! THANK YOU for sharing them. My gosh- Olivia, such a big girl! Ella- oh how she has grown! And Audrey- cannot even believe that is her running around! We love you all and miss you terribly! Carmen is and will forever be in my heart. She touched my soul like no other and I am grateful for her and you and the time we had together at RV.

  2. Jack, This is so good to see! Been praying lots for you all lately. The girls like seeing their CA friends… everyone is growing so fast. The song you were humming is one of our favorites. Thank you for sharing this. You all are so dear to us.

  3. Dear Jack, Thank you for sharing this video. This brought tears to my eyes. The girls are so so beautiful~~! And so sweet to see Ella putting her little flowers to her mama’s hair. It was so wonderful to see their beautiful smiles! Oh I can’t wait to see them reunite with Carmen one day in heaven! We are praying for Lord’s comfort your hearts when they ache. May our loving Lord fill those little hearts and yours with his joy and hopes always… I worship His holy name with you…

  4. You have such a beautiful girls! God bless all of them. I googled signet ring adenocarcinoma and your blog showed up. I know one of my family member is going thought this and it makes me feel sad. Thanks for sharing your story!

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