There are curve balls in life. Some are easy to hit and can be done with minimal effort and training. However some are really nasty and take much effort and perseverance to knock out of the park. We’ve been dealt this type of curve ball, the nasty one. But rather than focus on the curve ball headed our way, we’re instead gonna focus on the overall game and enjoy our day at the park.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Carmen and Jack thanks so much for sharing. The updates are touching and inspiring. Thanks for letting me be part of your journey. I pray for God’s continued healing and wisdom.

  2. Hi Jack, carmen told me about your blog few months back. You are a gifted writer! It’s hard to see exactly what your family goes through when Carmen looks so “normal”, so good! on the outside, so I love this. It give me specific topics i can pray for your family. Thanks for sharing, your pains, challenges, but more importantly joys of life.

  3. Jack, I have watched and read your blog since the start. You are a great care giver, and inspiring writer. I understand what you are feeling as I was a care giver to my Mom with the same thing Carmen has, but years ago with less options. I also was diagnoised with signet cell, stomach cancer in January 2013. Spend hours in research now, I did 3 rounds chemo, and 5weeks radiation, now they want to remove the stomach. This cancer, the signet cell part, is rare, little research for us. Raising little ones while going through this is a tough road, but I know the smiles of your beautiful family fill you with the strength you need. Thank-you for sharing, I think of you all daily and look for good news in Carmen’s fight. Keep sending your pic’s please, seeing your family brightens my day too! I think you will get my email address when you get this, feel free to email me anytime. Seeing your beautiful family IS a little heaven on this earth. Bless you all, Pam

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