Prayer log

For those that know Carmen, or strangers intrigued by the persona that 3 sub-adults affectionately call “mami”, please leave a prayer or word of encouragement for Carmen on this page. God can not only see our thoughts, hear our voices, but He can also read our prayers.



10 thoughts on “Prayer log

  1. Carmen, we are praying fervently for you. The Lord is with you always. Holding your hand. Carrying you. You are so strong and inspiring. We love you! Jane and Brian

  2. Carmen and Jack. I don’t know you but have been so inspired by my regular reading of this blog. Thank you for sharing your journey. My thoughts and love are with you and your girls. Gill

  3. Carmen, we love you and your family! We are praying for you. We praise God for giving you such a wonderful and caring husband to support you through this season. We will come visit you soon. My entire mom’s group will be praying for you tomorrow.

  4. Carmen,
    You and your family are in my prayers. I pray that in the most painful times you seek God and his love. I pray that your trust is in Him and his abounding grace. Everyday in this journey, may your daughters see what it means to be an amazing woman of Christ. I pray for Jack that his love for God and you never ceases. If you every need a quiet moment, I am more than happy to entertain the girls for a while šŸ™‚
    Stay strong!
    – Caroline

  5. I just had read Psalms 94 verse 19 When I am filled with cares Your comfort brings me Joy .
    I am in prayer for you Carmen and Jack and your lovely daughters
    Love Stella

  6. Missing you, praying for you, knowing that God will give you the strength, determination, and desire to battle this even when it seems so frustratingly difficult. Please find some comfort in knowing that you have so many people, from the east to the west coast, praying for your recovery. We truly believe that Jack and you are an inspiration to people facing insurmountable challenges. We are incredibly blessed and repeatedly humbled by how wonderful you both are…take care and God bless, Aimee, Peter, Ben, Emma, Sam, and Madelyn

  7. Carmen~I stop and think about you daily; how you are feeling, what you are doing at that moment, wondering when God will heal you. Tom and I pray for you constantly and we know You will be better very soon! Love Tom and Christy

  8. Dear Carm
    en this is Stella Marissas mom I woke up today and you were on my mind n heart so I knew that I wanted to pray and ask The Lord to first comfort you now and in His Abundunce Mercy to begin to heal you pbysicaly and completley and to remove any fear that The Lord will embrace you with His Love
    I myself do not understand or think how fair is it that you are going thru all I can say to you is that I and many of your family and friends continue to ask and pray for Gods healing and comfort.Love Stella

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